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Florida Log Home Repair

We service all types of Florida Log Home repairs. As a Log Home Repair Company we can do  complete Log Home Restoration Florida to Decayed Log Replacement. 

Our focus is to be the best Florida Log Home Repair Contractor in Florida.

Repairing Your Log Home

Repairing a log home or repairing log cabin can difficult and frustrating. The first step is to hire a Florida Log Home Company that understands how to build log homes and has replacement log home materials on hand to make any necessary log home repairs. Then get a thorough Florida Log Home Inspection.

This is where most customers make a huge mistake, they hire fly by night painters wanting to be log home stainers, that are from other states that leave to go back up north as soon as frost thaws to never be seen again. Good luck trying to get then back for a warranty repair. 

We will provide you with a complete log home inspection report from a Florida Company and then provide you with a free log home repair Florida quotes. We are a Log Home Repair contractors and can handle all types of log home repairs, from small to large. We take the worries and return your log home to new condition.


Rotten Log Replacement

We do any type of Rotten and Decayed Log Replacement for Log Homes and Log Cabins in the State of Florida. From full log replacement to half log replacement, we “Fix Log Homes”.  We have most types of log home materials onsite for log replacement but if we don’t we can custom design to fit. Our scope is not limited to just log home log replacement, we can fix and repair log home porches, log home windows, install custom log home flashing to stop water leaks. We are you premier Log Home Restoration Contractors in Florida.

Log Home Chinking Energy Sealing | Cypress Log Homes

Chinking, Caulking & Energy Sealing for Leaks

We offer all types of Log Home Chinking from true chinking to false chinking which is just cosmetic to achieve that old 1700’s Appalachian look. Chinking log homes and Energy Sealing Log Homes and cabins not only looks good but is the best way to make your log home air tight and water tight. Not only will the process of chinking seal your log home, it will drop your heating and cooling bills. We’ve seen customer bills drop by as much as 25%.  If you don’t like the look of log home chinking, don’t worry we can make in blend in with the stain and almost disappear. We can Energy Seal and stain over for customers who really want it to disappear in blend in just for the log home sealing aspect.

We love doing decorative Log Home Chinking Florida for interior of Florida Logs Homes. Call us today for Florida Log Home Chinking on the exterior and interior of your log home or log cabin. Free quotes from a Florida Log Home Chinking Company.

Log Home Inspections Florida By Log Home Guys | Cypress Log Homes

Florida Log Home Inspections

We offer complete thorough Florida Log Home Inspections. We'll provide you with a log home and log cabins Inspection report with photo's., following up with a separate log home repair quote outlining time and total cost of your log home restoration. We can fix your log home and make it like brand new. Call us now to find out more.

Log Home Repairs In Florida | Cypress Log Homes
Log Home Restoration Florida | Cypress Log Homes

Log Home Restoration Florida

Log Home Restoration photo showing removal of decayed rotten log replacement in Florida. Florida Log Home Restoration Contractors servicing entire state of Florida