Day 15 to 33

“Day 15 To Day 33”
The Cypress Shamrock 

Log Home Turnkey Construction


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This log home building construction documentary was designed to show potential future log home customers the steps of a log home turnkey with a complete description from start to finish. We hope you enjoy and find this highly educational.  Log Home turnkey process allows customers to have fun and can be very rewarding.

Day 15- Log Stacking

September 22nd, Wednesday

Day 15 – Log Home Crew making good progress, stacking cypress logs. Trash Dumpster delivered and job site cleaned.

Shamrock Construction 2 Day 15
Day 15
Shamrock Construction Day 15
Day 15
Shamrock Construction 3 Day 15
Day 15
Shamrock Construction 4 Day 15
Day 15

Day 16- Well drilling & Log Home stacking

September 23rd, Thursday

Day 16 – Log Home Dry-In Building Crew close to having cypress log wall stack complete. Well contractor onsite, drilled approximately 170 feet deep and installed 1.5 hp pump with the tank.

Day 16
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 16
Day 16
Shamrock Construction 3 Day 16
Day 16
Shamrock Construction 5 Day 16
Day 16
Shamrock Construction 4 Day 16
Day 16

Day 17- Log Stacking

September 24th, Friday

Day 17 – Log Crew continues cypress log wall stack, installs decking on 12 foot back covered porch. Built temporary stairs. Received interior framing package. Electric company onsite set transformer and energized temporary electric pole.

Shamrock Construction 2 Day 17
Day 17

Day 18- Log Stacking 

September 25th, Saturday

Day 18 – Log Builders continue working on cypress log wall stack.

Shamrock Construction Day 18
Day 18

Day 19-21, Log Stack on walls complete. working on interior framing

September 26th, Sunday
Day 19 – No Work

September 27th, Monday
Day 20 – Rained out.

September 28th, Tuesday
Day 21 – Florida Cypress Log Walls complete, Interior Framing 50%.


“Notice all the proper wall bracing”

Shamrock Construction Day 21
Day 21
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 21
Day 21

Day 22-23, Log Home Structural Open-Beam Roof System Starting

September 29th, Wednesday
Day 22 – Worked 1/2 day due to rain. Log Crew continues working on framing and starts roof support post.

September 30th, Thursday
Day 23 – Log Home Builders work on Structural Open Beam Roof System

Shamrock Construction Day 23
Day 23
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 23
Day 23
Shamrock Construction 3 Day 23
Day 23

Day 24-25, Setting Log Home Cypress Roof Rafters

October 1st, Friday
Day 24 – Log Crew working on open beam roof system.

October 2nd, Saturday
Day 25 – Log Home Builder installed all rafters on Structural Open Beam Roof System

Shamrock Construction Day 125
Day 25

Day 26-28, Stacking Gable End Cypress Logs

October 3rd, Sunday
Day 26 – No work.

October 4th, Monday
Day 27 – Crew working on full log gables ends.

October 5th, Tuesday
Day 28 – Log Crew finished cypress full log gables.

Shamrock Construction Day 28
Day 28
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 28
Day 28
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 28
Day 28
“Notice the nice flat finish cuts on the gable logs”

Day 29- working on log home roof decking, T&g

October 6th, Wednesday

Day 29 – Log Crew begins installing T&G roof covering. Electrician onsite coordinating wiring drops for ceiling areas and scheduled to be onsite to install on Monday.

Shamrock Construction Day 29
Day 29
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 29
Day 29

Day 30- log home roof decking

October 7th, Thursday

Day 30 – Log Crew finishes installing T&G roof covering. This is a finished product on the inside ceiling so extreme care must be taken to avoid rain. Good pre-planning to ensure no rain is in the forecast for several days before starting is critical. This is a very long process from start to finish before you can place a roofing membrane to dry-in and protect you finish T&G. As you will see it took a full 7 days, from day 30 to 37 to be able to dry roof in. If it had rained it would have stained and warped all the beautiful T&G finished ceiling wood, so planning ahead is required.

Shamrock Construction Day 30
Day 30

Day 31- log home roof purlin System installation

October 8th, Friday

Day 31 – Log Crew working on installing cypress open beam roof purlin system.

Shamrock Construction Day 31
Day 31
Shamrock Construction 2 Day 31
Day 31

Day 32-33- Roof system

October 9th, Saturday

Day 32 – Log Crew finishing open beam roof purlin system and working on open beam covered porches.

October 10th, Sunday – Day 33 – No work.

Shamrock Construction Day 32
Day 32