Day 1 to 14

“The 100 Day Turnkey”
Cypress Log Homes Construction 


the Shamrock, Log Home Turnkey in Florida


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Complete Log Home Turnkey Building Construction Documentary including photo’s outlining every aspect of building a Log Home from start to finish. Features all subcontractor trades from log home contractors, log home builders to the foundation to metal roof. This was designed to help future owners wanting to build a log home understand the many steps and to be better prepared.

This is a single story home 1664 sf. of heated space and features an 8 foot wide full length cypress open bean covered porch on the front including a 12 foot wide full length cypress open beam covered porch across the back.

The Photo’s below will outline Log Home Turnkey construction from start to finishing including timelines

Building A Log Home From Start To Finish

This Log Home under construction is being built in Florida but the building process would be the same for any State. This was designed to help anyone wanting to build a Log Home to understand the process and timelines for all subcontractors.

Day 1 – 3,  Building a Log Home. Starting with Permits & Foundation

September 8th, Wednesday

Day 1 – Permits pulled at building department and scheduled log home footer inspection for tomorrow morning. All footers and pier pads dug out. Rebar installed and tied.

September 9th, Thursday

Day 2 – Received am footer inspection and passed. Poured all log home footers and pier pads.

September 10th, Friday

Day 3 – Scheduled Monday AM inspection for tie-beam and slab. Installed all block on crawlspace foundation including pier pads. Electricians onsite and set temporary electric pole for Monday’s inspection. 

Day 3
Day 3

Day 4- Log Home Foundation Work


September 11th, Saturday

Day 4 – Cut out dirt and graded crawlspace to place 4″ slab after Mon. inspection. Finished placing rebar in tie-beam.

Day 4
Day 4

Day 5 -Log Home Foundation Interior slad grading & Pest Spraying


September 12th, Sunday

Day 5 – Sprayed with the water truck and compacted to grade. Applied soil pest control treatment. Installed plastic sheathing to 4″ slab area. Ready for tomorrow’s AM inspection.

Day 5
Day 5
Day 5

Day 6- Filling Log home block foundation, concrete pumping


September 13th, Monday

Day 6 – 9:30 Inspection with Building Department on the slab, block cells, piers and tie- beam passed. Pumped concrete and filled block cells, piers, and tie-beams. Set all strapping and j-bolts. Poured 4″ slab inside of crawlspace.

Day 6
Day 6
Day 6

Day 7- log home Floor system delivery


September 14th, Tuesday

Day 7 – Log home 1st-floor system materials and log home dry-in crew’s tool trailer delivered today.
Trimming tree branches overhanging home.

Day 7
Day 7

Day 8- Log home dry-in crew starting on log home floor system


September 15th, Wednesday

Day 8 – Log Home Building Crew onsite building log home floor system.

Day 8
Day 8
Day 8

Day 9- log home floor system


September 16th, Thursday

Day 9 – Log Home Construction Crew completed floor system and ready for tomorrows AM inspection. Received log home covered porch materials.

Log Home Guys Flooring Materials | Cypress Log Homes
Day 9
Day 9
Day 9

Day 10-log home floor sheathing


September 17th, Friday

Day 10 – Waited till 1:30 for sub-floor framing inspection and release of temp. electric. Everything passed. Installed and completed sub-floor sheathing. We use only high performance AdvanTech Sub-flooring, it is stronger and stiffer than OCB and Plywood. This helps you eliminate floor bounce and squeaks. In also comes with a 500 day no sand warranty. The resins use protect from water damage, warping and delamination. The manfacture gives a  Lifetime Warranty. No more issues with rain.

Day 10
Day 10
Advantech Subflooring Log Home Guys | Cypress Log Homes
Day 10

Day 11- Log home porch floors starting


September 18th, Saturday

Day 11 – Log Crew worked on log home decks for front and back covered porches.

Day 11
Day 11

Day 12

September 19th, Sunday

Day 12 – No work today.

Day 13- Logs Delivered


September 20th, Monday

Day 13 – Installed decking to the front covered porch. Received forklift and unloaded two truckloads of cypress logs and cypress post materials. Organized placement of log home materials and started laying cypress logs.

Day 13
Day 13
Day 13
Day 13

Day 14- Log Stacking begins

September 21st, Tuesday

Day 14 – Log Home Builders stacking the Florida Heart-Cut Cypress logs by Log Home Guys

Day 13
Day 13