Log Home Inspections

Florida Log Home Inspections

Log Home Guys offers complete Florida Log Home Inspections and Pre-purchase Log Home Inspections in Florida. Our focus is to inspect all the log home related components and provide a thorough written report with photos outlining the overall condition of the log home with a list of concerns and outlining all deficiencies.

With Log Home Guys your not getting a stain company that’s never built a log home. Your getting a true Florida Log Home Company
that manufactures and engineers new log homes on a daily basis.

Inspecting Your Log Home

So now you’ve just purchased a Florida log home and or you’ve been in your log home and want a Florida log Home Inspection, that’s where we can help. We can come out and provide a complete report outlining condition, problems of concerns and cost to fix and or repair to new condition. We have been in the industry for a long time and have seen it all, we can fix all your issues from structural to decayed log replacement. Does your Florida log Home have water and air coming through log walls? If so we can fix. We will not only repair and take your home to a better than new condition but we will do the most important thing, we will spend all the time necessary to educate you so you’ll be able to enjoy less maintenance and more family time. We’ll will give you piece of mind.

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Pre-Purchase Log Home Inspections

If you are considering buying an existing log home our pre-purchase Log Home Inspection is the single most important thing you can do. It could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars or save you from buying a long-term money pit. A regular home inspector will not understand the log home structure or where to look for problems and underlying issues. That’s where we come in, after you place an offer on the existing log home your considering to buy you will need to schedule Log Home Guys to do a complete Log Home Inspection Consultant Report. Not only will you get a complete report that you can share with the sellers but you will get a complete quote outlining total repairs and cost to get the existing Florida log home back to new condition. This is a powerful negotiating tool that now you can go back to the sellers and provide the report and the Florida log home restoration quote and negotiate the sellers to lower the log homes selling price. This could save you twenty to fifty thousand in cost out of your pocket. The best part is now the money will be allocated so when the log home closes it can be fully restored to better than new condition.

Florida Log Home Staining

Looking for a Log Home Staining Company in Florida? Then give us a call, we work the entire State of Florida from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville and all the way west to Panama Beach.  We have crews to service the entire central Florida area, Tampa to Ocala,  Gainesville to Lake City. We are  Perma-Chink certified & trained. We offer complete Log Home Exterior Cleaning, Log Home Energy Sealing, Chinking with yearly maintenance agreements. We can make your log home look better than new.

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Log Home Repair

We can quote any Florida log home repairs. Need engineering? Need more porches, We can help with that as well.
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Log Home Restoration

We are Pro's at Florida Log Home Restoration. Decayed and rotten log replacement, Log Home Chinking to Florida Log Home Staining. Just need us to make your Log Home in Florida beautiful again? Call us for a free quote