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From Peaches & Peanuts, Log Home Guy's is your Georgia Log Homes Company
From Peaches & Peanuts, Log Home Guy's is your Georgia Log Homes Company. Remember to visit us at

Our main focus is supplying the best Georgia log homes
For Sale throughout the State of Georgia 

We manufacture and sell Georgia Log Homes with free custom design, all of our Georgia Log Cabin Homes include Georgia Log Home Engineering with Stamped Blueprints.

Ready for your local County Building & Zoning Departments.  Some of the many products and services we offer are; Georgia Log Homes for sale, Georgia Log Cabins for sale, Georgia Log Home Real Estate and more. Are you dreaming or planning to build a Georgia log Home? Let us help you with great information on Georgia Log Home Builders and Georgia Log Home Construction. We can show you the best wood for building your Georgia Log Home, a wood better for Georgia environmental conditions. This means less maintenance for you and more time to do the things you enjoy. We can prove with facts that the wood we use will outperform and last longer than 98 percent of all other Log Home Companies.

 If you only remember one thing from what we share today, this is the most important statement below to take away. 

If we can give you the best wood money can buy and that will last for generations with less maintenance for the same price as cheap pine. Than why consider any other company? This is what is referred to as, a No Brainer. Don’t get drawn in to the timeshare high pressure gimmick sales from the pine log home companies.

Let Log Home Guys will be your Peach of a Georgia Log Home Company! Building Georgia log homes is our specialty.

What Makes Building Georgia Cypress Log Homes by Log Home Guys Different? Do You Want The Best Wood Available with Less Maintenance? Let Us Show You The Best Log Home Wood For The State Of Georgia. 


Our Focus is building the strongest Log Homes in Georgia, we offer all types of Georgia Log Homes For Sale including Georgia Log Home Builders and how to for Georgia Log Home Construction. We engineer Georgia Log Homes.

We do not operate like the big box log home companies, as a result you are not treated as a number. Your idea’s, dreams and concerns are important to us. We will spend all the time you require with free plan revisions.

We won’t just dump a truckloads of raw materials in your yard and say,  call us when you need more. We’re here to help you with the entire process from start to finish. Now that’s a refreshing new concept.

“Hello my name is Bill Mathews, as the owner of L.H.G my focus is not to build a cookie cutter spec home using logs but to step out of the box and do what our competitors won’t. We want to build the strongest homes in our industry, period.”

First thing we’ll do is help you to find the best designs for long-term maintenance.  So the second thing is custom design to fit your lifestyle. Third thing is to increase structural strength way beyond State and County Building & Zoning requirements.  Fourth thing is we will use Cypress “Natures Perfect Wood.” This will allow you to have the old fashion log home with less worries of insects, decay, and maintenance. 

What that means for you is simply, a safer home for you your family. With winds, storms and hurricanes increasing yearly, why not focus on building the strongest home possible? What if I told you this is what we’ll do at no additional cost to you? That’s right, the best part is we can provide it with complete stamped Georgia engineered log home blueprints and still beat our competitions prices. 

We work  and service the entire State of Georgia from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ellijay in Gilmer County to Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell. All the lakes of Rabun County. and more. Looking for that special vacation get-away on Lake Oconee or Lake Blackshear? Give us a call for free quotes. Our Cypress Log Homes will outperform any other brands of Georgia log homes. Find out why our Cypress is the best wood money can buy. What if I told you that you could get Cypress for the same price as cheap pine? Bookmark our site and remember to search for 

Georgia Log Home For Sale | Cypress Log Homes

Our Georgia Cypress Log Homes will outperform any other brands of Georgia Log Homes. 

Find out why our Cypress is the best wood money can buy. 


This is the most important question, If your serious about building a log home or log cabin home and I told you that you could get Cypress for the same cost as cheap pine with less maintenance that will last generations. 

What  log home materials will you use? We sell the best “log homes of the south”. Find out what make us different.

Georgia Log Homes
Log Home Riverbend Front View | Georgia Cypress Log Homes Builder
Georgia Log Homes For Sale On Waterfront Property At Lake Lanier, Lake Oconee, Lake Hartwell And Lake Sinclair. Georgialoghomes | Cypress Log Homes
Georgia Log Homes for Sale Custom Designed on waterfront property at Lake Lanier, Lake Oconee, Lake Hartwell, Lake Sinclair and more.

Log Home Guys has “Georgia on It’s Mind”, give us a shot to be your peach of a log home company servicing all of Georgia. We are the true, Log Cabin Homes of Georgia.