We focus on building log homes in Georgia, Log Home Guys manufacture Georgia Log Homes & Georgia Log Cabins. Are you Looking for one company that can do it all? Georgia Engineered Cypress Log Homes. Find out how Cypress log homes can benefit your Family

Log Home Guys services all cities and counties in Georgia. Pick your favorite lake or mountain hillside and we can design your custom Georgia Log Cabin Home made from Cypress.

Start with viewing some great Georgia Log Home Photo and Floor plans below. Lots of ideas to help with building Georgia Log Homes.

As we know, there are several choices for log home wood in the market, all species of wood will work. However, some log home wood species have characteristics that are superior for damp, humid regions of Georgia depending on the location of the building site; you’ll learn what log home wood will work best for the State of Georgia. Learning what log home wood works the best will give you a log home with much less maintenance and potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair, allowing you to focus on family.

Georgia Log Homes

Georgia has several factors to address when considering to build a log home;

First, the State of Georgia has significant yearly rainfall followed by high humidity.

Second, it has several types of termites and wood-eating bugs.

Third, it has animals and birds that eat these insects and their larvae.

Georgia Log Homes

Cypress Best Rated Wood For Georgia Log Homes

Majority of all log homes are constructed from the most abundant and cheapest wood species available, Pine. Pine does not have long-term success for longevity and is susceptible to rot, decay, termites, carpenter bee’s and many other wood boring and eating insects. Although it works well in dryer climates, it has been proven not to last and hold up well in Georgia.

Cypress has a natural oil that protects it from high humidity decay, that’s why it has been used for hundreds of years for the building of boats, water towers, and even underground piping. If you’ve ever watched the Discovery channel’s Swamp Logger’s and seen the cypress logs pulled off the bottom or rivers submerged in water for over a century in pristine condition.

What more would you want for your log home? It’s natures perfect wood. This same oil helps protect it from Termites and other wood boring insects.

Cypress is also a dense wood which means less shrinkage and wood checking or splitting of logs. That means you’ll have a log home that will stay beautiful, strong, less maintenance and most importantly it will last for generations.