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Cypress Log Home Facts & Research

Cypress Log Homes are some of the oldest wooden structures in the United States. History shows that Florida was one of the first places that early settlers built communities.

 Due to the abundance of the local cypress trees, this wood was used to make everything from Log Homes and Log Cabins to boats. It soon became the universal building material. At that time, the early settlers did not understand the great benefits of using the Cypress wood. But over time, they began to notice that structures that were built from other native woods were decaying quickly over a few years compared to the Cypress, which was as strong as the day it was built. Although the harvesting was more difficult due to the Cypress trees growing in or near the water, in wet, swampy conditions, the early settlers realized the great benefits of using Cypress in their daily lives. 

That’s why many of the oldest wooden structures in America today are made from Cypress wood. The Seminole Indians were some of the first to use this incredible wood; its primary use was for the building of canoes.

That’s why Log Home Guys use cypress logs and cypress wood to built our Log Homes. We wanted a time tested product that would last for generations without the high maintenance associated with typical pine log homes. We wanted our customers to experience the feeling that could only be found by living in Cypress Log Homes.

We believe we use the best  Log Home Wood in America today and are proud to be able to offer it to our customers. To view more about history, fun facts and the benefits of Cypress Log Homes and Cypress Log Cabins click the link Benefits Of Cypress Log Homes

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