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Our Mission Statement; 
"We believe in the idea's and principles of our Founding Fathers. We believe that United States of America is an exceptional country derived from honor, love and the faith in God". We apply these standards to our daily business serving our customers. 
A Florida Log Homes and Cypress Log Cabins Supplier with over 40 years experience. "Find out why we are a cut above the rest." Contact us now and we can turn your Log Home Cabin dreams into reality. 

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No big bloated payroll 
No ads in multiple log home magazines 
No multiple log home trade shows 
No multiple model centers in different states    on prime commercial highway frontage.
No dealers
No free airline tickets to visit 
No free log home seminars with buffet dinners
No catalogs or hyped up brochures
No Sales Staff, No paid commissions.
But not with Log Home Guyswe will sell by utilizing old fashion word of mouth, referrals and trust. The way our founding fathers did. Allowing the savings to be passed on to you. Every customer is very important to us. 

  LHG provides complete full service Log Homes and Log Cabin Kits for Sale with custom designed engineered blueprints. Visit our Photo's for great idea's and start your dream.

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An Old Fashion Company with Old Time Values
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When you invest with us your buying from an American small town company where a hand shake is a man's bond.  

When you buy from us your helping a child go to dance lessons, helping get a set of braces or helping get their first dream car. Your investing in family.
  We Support The Armed Forces Words cannot truly express how thankful we are for the sacrifices our great men and women of the nations armed forces who serve selflessly for this country. Putting their lives on the line in defense of freedom and security. So that we may live in peace, we salute you Great Americans. We will offer a special discount to Veteran's, just let us know before we quote and it's just that easy.
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We offer Heart Cut Cypress Log Homes, also referred as Red Cypress and Southern Cypress. We also provide Western Red Cedar, Pine and Large Handcrafted Logs. Now you can get what you want at one source.              Visit Our Free Log Home Plans and Log Cabin Floor Plans
"Our goal is simply to give you the best log home materials available at the lowest possible price".
Customer Service And Your Time Is Very Important 
To Us.

 We not only answer phone calls during normal business hours, we'll answer your calls every day of the week up until 9:00 PM Eastern Standard time.

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We're proud to have Award Winning Log Home Floor Plans and Designs as Featured in 
 Log Home Living and many more.
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Manatee Cypress Log Home by Log Home Guys of Lake City
"Way down upon the Suwannee River" as composed by the great Steven Foster, nestled in North Florida with many great landmarks is the home of LHG. Frozen in time, blessed in the Florida sunshine stands a log home company made of true old time values. We do business the way our fathers did with trust and honor. We promise to do what it takes to earn your business and always be there to answer your questions. Seven days a week.
Step back in time and have a down home visit with Log *Home Guys, a contractor of Florida Cypress Log Homes. Whether you're planning to build Florida Log Homes, a Georgia Log Homes or travel all the way to the great mountains of North Carolina or Tennessee. Florida Log *Home Guys is the nationwide, original log homes company. A thrift favorite in the southlands for log homes. 
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Visit our Construction Page to see a Turnkey Log Home being built in 100 days from start to finish. This is a must see for any one planning to build a Log structure.
We Offer Premium
True Southern 
Heart Cut Cypress Logs Homes and Cypress Log Cabins
We are the true Florida Cypress Log Homes Company. 
* Ask your representative for complete details on 110% Price Guarantee
Local Number 386-269-0369
Plan a trip to spend time with us, and will work to answer all your questions and achieve goals. If you like music and camping visit Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground. 
Remodeling and Home Design
Don't be fooled by  competitors offering Cypress logs that are not Heart Cut logs. 
They will say they are, but let us show you the true difference and why it's important to you.
Call us now to 
find out more.
We Recommend and use Perma-Chink Log home Stain LIFELINE ULTRA-2, Lifeline Advance Clear Top Coat with Energy Seal for all our homes. We use Woodsman Log Caulk and Log Boss fasteners supplied 
by Perma-Chink Systems Inc. in all our homes. Call us today for a Log Home Staining, Chinking, Exterior Cleaning, Energy Sealing and Log Home repair quotes in Florida and Georgia. Florida Log Home Staining Contractors specializing in log home restoration.

Florida Cypress Log Homes

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Building Dream Log Homes 
Who do you think pays for all that? 
That's right you the customer, which inflates the prices on every package of 
Log Home Materials.
We specialize in Log Homes for Sale in Florida and Log Cabins for Sale in Florida. We understand Florida Building Code and know what each County Building & Zoning Department requires. Being a Florida company we not only understand Hurricane wind loads, we design to exceed what's required. This is where other companies fail, structural wind load designs for Hurricane's is the most important issue for your family. Don't hire a company that's not based out of Florida. We will visit your build site property and personally call each county building department before we start. Every home will include Engineered Stamped Log Home Blueprints which are required in Florida. Also servicing Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and more.

Welcome to Log Home Guys

Why We Are Different

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Log Home American Made discounts for Veterans
American Owned American Made Product
We will quote any 
log home floor plans, Internet log home plans, competitors log plans and hand sketches.
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Let us design your custom Log Cabin Kits to your Custom Log Home
Engineered Stamped Blueprints
Our #1 Best Selling Designs
Visit our Photo Gallery to see some of our best designs. Great weekend get-away's to breath taking luxury log home designs. We can incorporate any of the features you like into your very own floor plans. 

"We love custom work" and the best part is, your custom log home design is absolutely free. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. From the RiverBend to the Shenandoah and the Madison our team is here for you. Click here to view our Photo's and get you creative juices flowing.
Florida Cypress Log Home by Log Home Guys
Log Home Price Guarantee
Don't buy from an over inflated mega box corporation where your just a number and customer service is nonexistent after the sale. Don't be fooled by the flash and glitter websites. 
I'll challenge you to do this before you buy any new log home. Call the company and state that you are looking to buy a new log home and would like to speak to the Owner or President of the company. See how many excuses you get just to have one conversation. They will tell you their out of town, in meetings or you need to talk to managers first. If it's that hard to have a simple conversation with the owner before you buy and they don't have your money yet. Than how hard is it going to be after they have your money? We guarantee that you will be able to call us and speak to the owner 7 days a week. That's how important your business is to us!
If you have read this entire page and our morals and values line up with yours, then give us a chance to earn your business. 

"I promise to give your the best customer service, best log home wood available at the lowest possible price."

Bill Mathews- Owner & Founder of Log Home Guys  
These are purely designed to get you to make a fast impulse buy. Let face it, no business can give away that much discount unless they are marking up the materials up front. There's no such thing as free garage, someone has to pay for those materials and believe me it's you. Any company that has a pre-published price list, has inflated the materials cost to cover all the unknowns. Example: Let's say the company allows you to go on a lay away plan or to lock in your price for 1 to 2 years. They have raised the package cost to cover future materials price increases buy as much as 25%. How does the company know the true shipping cost of future customers? They don't, one customer might be in Florida and other in California. So guess what, you pay the worst case scenario. These is just the tip of the iceberg, there's many more. These tactics just keeps inflating your number higher and higher.  A pre-published price list benefits the company not you.

With Log Home Guys we want to sell you a home at the lowest possible cost, so we don't play the industry big box games. We have found that by spending the extra time to ask our customers all the proper questions and pricing each house for when where and how it's going to be built. We don't have to overcharge our customers. So now that you've been educated on gimmicks, sales and price list you can make a better decision.

Don't be fooled by the 30%, 40% and 50% discounts schemes. What about the "Free Garage Gimmick", No, No and No! Here's the best gimmick, "We purchased another company and have left-over packages that were never delivered at huge discounted rates or customer never had package delivered and you can get cheaper due to they paid the deposit and walked away." Here's the definition of gimmick, scheme or ploy- trick intended to attract attention and business.
Our prices will be refreshingly low 
       due to the following; 
Call us now, will take all calls until 9:00 PM EST. Finally a company that will work to your schedule and that puts the customer first.
866-306-1697 or 386-269-0369